where are the headwaters of the flint?

This vision is built upon stacks of plans and data, maps and meetings, but the obvious inspiration is the thrill of urban exploring. Longtime residents and curious explorers alike are surprised to discover the Flint's headwaters hidden in plain sight, like a buried treasure right in their backyards. Deep down in storm drains, under bridges, then through 1.5 miles of culverts under the airport, the irrepressible headwaters are always flowing, somehow full of tadpoles and flowers.

We regularly lead tours of the headwaters, but anyone can get out and “Find the Flint.” You can see the headwaters from bridges and sidewalks in the Tri-Cities and unincorporated Clayton County. Explore at your own risk and avoid trespassing on private property, especially near secure airport zones.

Click here to download a map of the headwaters.